5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Robotics


A good robotics engineer will have strong mathematical, logical, scientific, creative and computer skills. And this skillset will open many doors to different roles across strong technology-driven industries. Think: Aerospace, Automobile industry, Entertainment, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Military and Medicine – to name a few. The number of mechatronics engineering jobs is growing year on year – and experts are sought to build, design and test robotic systems or software. No day is likely to be the same with a career in robotics.



New robot technology is expanding all the time. Therefore, building robots and corresponding software systems is a hugely innovative process. As an engineer, you are responsible for conceiving new uses of robots and their subsequent application. Developing and testing solutions demands an extremely innovative mind that can introduce new ways to overcome mechanical problems. So if you are innovative by nature, this type of role is suited to you.


Deepen Knowledge and Improve Skills

Working in the field of robotics requires a great degree of creative thinking and problem solving. Mechatronics engineering jobs are desirable because employers are looking for those with a deeper understanding of robotic software performance, outstanding design skills (e.g. using Computer Aided Design software) and proficiency in electronics and computing. You will be analysing robot components controlled by computer and electronics programmes. As a robotics engineer, you will constantly challenge yourself and improve your skills to solve problems.


Collaboration with Like-Minded Experts

Whether you’re an electrical, mechanical or mechatronics engineer, you will likely be collaborating with other experts in your field. Robotics brings together the best minds in computing, physics, mathematics and design for a common, greater cause and you will no doubt be challenged and educated all at the same time.



A robot engineer is essentially involved in creating and improving processes. In certain industries e.g. medicine, you are ultimately responsible for helping people live better lives. For some, this is an immensely rewarding experience.  Choosing a career in robotics can earn you both practical benefits (some jobs can offer above average wages) and emotional benefits – by creating innovation which enhances human lives.



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