How to prepare your child for STEM careers

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education system has already been established as one of the best methods of teaching. Parents are constantly trying to understand the best ways to integrate STEM into their children's lives. STEM allows children to learn and understand different topics in a more stress-free and practical oriented manner. STEM does not only ease the process of education but has also made it easier for students to opt for a wide variety of careers, owing to their affinity to problem-solving and critical thinking.

In such a phase, it becomes increasing important for parents to also be educated about different STEM careers that are available for their kids and how to prepare their children for them. STEM mainly focuses on the technical aspects of science & technology and STEM student's training in logical thinking allows them to be the perfect fit for a variety of career options like Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Genetics, etc. We hope to help the parents as well as children understand different unique and attractive STEM careers that they can consider.


1. Software Developers

Technology is a crucial component of STEM education and this is the main reason why STEM students make excellent candidates as software developers. Most of the basics required for a career in software are already instilled in the students through the STEM approach. However, there is always something more that parents can do. The first thing to do would be identifying if your children are interested in this sector. In addition to extensive knowledge about engineering and technology that STEM students invariably posses, parents can opt to teach their children different coding languages and help improve their problem solving technique in general. Since software development and engineering is a field that is constantly evolving, it is one of the most attractive STEM careers with a promising future.

2. Market Analysts

Mathematics is another strong point that STEM education focuses on, thereby encouraging students who are good with numbers to explore several math-related career options. One such interesting and exciting STEM career has to be that of a Market Analyst. A market analyst has a profile that is extensively dependent on logical thinking and quick number crunching. The first essential to check if your child is fit to be a market analyst is by understating his affinity to numbers and math. Market analysts have to work long hours in stressful environments as they analyze the trends of stock market. This career is perfect for people who enjoy a fast-pacing lifestyle and do not get easily stressed out.

3. Environmental Scientists

STEM education does not only focus on the technological front but also understands the need for environmental development. Since STEM provides a more holistic approach to education, it helps to prepare better scientists. Environmental science is a field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences. This field has a variety of different offerings, all fueled by the love for nature. An important aspect of being an environmental scientist is to have the perfect balance of logical thinking, a keen interest in research and an affinity for the environment.

4. Genetics

Genetics is one of the most complex fields of life sciences that require knowledge of everything from biology to information system. A STEM career in Genetics mainly focuses on a research based role. A keen role in puzzle solving, reading and scientific experiments all come in handy when it comes to a career in Genetics. The breakthrough research that is being done in this field requires people to be unflinchingly dedicated and enthusiastic about taking initiatives. Parents can instill these basic leadership qualities from a young age to instill a decisive nature in these kids.

5. Quality Control Analyst

This unique career opportunity is a perfect alternative for someone who is a stickler for rules and has a keen interest in working in labs and maintaining a high quality for different things. A quality control analyst is one of the few career opportunities that are difficult to attain, however the role is absolutely crucial. They conduct various tests to the raw materials as well as finished products in different fields to ensure that the product standards are met and safety rules are adhered to. This career option is perfect for any science enthusiast who enjoys working in a lab and working towards improving the quality standards for different products and food.

These are just a few popular and out of the box career options that STEM education provides in addition to the increased opportunities in engineering. STEM education has been responsible for several breakthroughs and discoveries in the recent times and these career streams are bound to help in building a much more aware and responsible society in general. While the STEM education process in itself pushes people to excel in their fields, by taking simple initiatives like identifying their kid's area of interest and providing any support they require, parents can make sure that they build strong STEM careers for their children.


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